Desk Research

Desk Research

Reflections Research appreciates the value of desk research, and would encourage clients to look at the public domain, or indeed their own previous studies, for data that will add context and insight to any research that we undertake on their behalf.

Desk research services include:

  • Competitor activity
  • Literature reviews
  • Market assessment

Thorough searches of the Internet, newspapers, journals, industry databases, government websites and a range of other sources can provide a cost effective way to collect data.  Some of the benefits of desk research include:

  • Secondary data is easily accessible and will save you time and cost.
  • It will help the researcher to understand the research problem, generate hypotheses and determine the most effective methodology and sample for future research.
  • The time and budget that is saved will leave more resource to explore new areas for consideration, and for greater in-depth analysis.
  • It gives a basis for evaluation and allows for comparison over time.